“The Point” Lancashire County Cricket Club
Brian Statham Way   Old Trafford   Manchester M16 0PX
Thursday 11th November 2010 from 10:30 –16:45
Registration from 09:30
The Ninth annual “Information Exchange Conference” –
Getting to The Point of Card Payments will be held at the exciting new purpose-built The Point Conference Venue at Lancashire County Cricket Club, Manchester on Thursday 11th November 2010.
From 10:30 – 16:45 Registration from 09:30
Lunch, Refreshments and a Drinks Reception are included with complimentary on-site Car Parking provided for attending delegates.
Confirmed Agenda details July 2010 –
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Getting to the "Point "of Card Payments & e-Payments Solutions.

The Ninth annual Information Exchange Payments Conference will be held in the exciting new purpose built conference venue, The Point at Lancashire County Cricket Club Manchester, Thursday 11th November 2010
From 10:30 - 16:45 registration from 09:30.
This year’s varied conference agenda directed at Public & Private sector end users and their suppliers gets to the ‘Point’ of Card Payments & e-Payment Solution choices.

The agenda includes twelve key presentations and four workshops trade exhibition stands and discussion groups hosted by major Local Authorities, Private Sector corporate companies Card Issuers and Payments Transaction Solution Providers.

Their presentations and workshops will demonstrate a diverse range of innovative payments solution choices available for starting, developing and expanding current Card Payments and e-Payments programmes delivering genuine efficiencies and cost savings to both the Public and Private sectors organisations.

Examples of our Conference Presentations - Case Studies - Workshop/Discussion Groups

Manchester City Council. - Joint Initiatives Maintains Programme Growth
American Express - Payment Solutions
BAE Systems - Expanding Card Programme & Supplier Recruitment
Cemex - Card Payments Case Study
Adflex - Payment Transaction Management
HSBC Bank plc - Purchasing Card Programme
Allpay - Prepay & Pre-loaded Payment Card Solutions
Arval - Fuel Cards & Vehicle related Payment Methods
Search-Online-Now- Online Demonstration Supplier Directory
SAP & Oracle - Integration & Consultancy Presentation
This is a part agenda correct at July 2010 with the full Conference Agenda available in August 2010

1. Manchester City CouncilJoint Initiatives Maintains Programme Growth
Whatever the outcomes of the recent budget, public sector spending levels are expected to fall as efforts begin to bring down the public debt. The impact on the management of procurement and commissioning spend could be significant.  All public sector officers engaged in managing budgets, policy formulation, service delivery, and commissioning and procurement will have a part to play.  Manchester City Council has already embraced this initiative as Paul Muir will explain.  His presentation and Q/As gives an overview of how Manchester City Council integrated their existing multi million pound turnover Purchasing Card Programme into SAP and how they are implementing a move to operating their programme through the use of lodge cards whilst under the Government's collaborative working aspirations how Manchester City Council are growing their programme by facilitating other public sector bodies to join their programme and implementing joint working initiatives which seek to achieve efficiency in procurement and cost savings for partners.

2. American Express – Payment Solutions Presentation & Workshop
Presented by Brendan Walsh, American Express’ Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Card Europe, the industry leader in corporate payments and management solutions.  Within this role, Brendan is wholly responsible for the European Commercial Card business, across 17 markets, for the private and public sector, overseeing Sales, Account Management, Partnerships, Finance, Product Development, Marketing and Strategy.
In this presentation he will discuss how real efficiencies require more than just the implementation of a Corporate Card programme, and demonstrate how our consultative approach can ensure the realisation of substantial savings. Our global expertise in payment solutions can help you identify opportunities to streamline your payment process and our dedicated specialists will be there to support you throughout the process.
The American Express range of no cost payments products with industry competitive Merchant Service Charges (MSC) can provide your organisation with a host of clear benefits offering tailor-made payment solutions that focus on clarity and efficiency giving you maximum control over spend with minimal integration.

American Express delivers value to companies by providing expense management solutions that impact their bottom line in four key areas:
Maximise Control - Companies can improve control over business spending by using American Express expense management solutions to:

    • Establish payment solutions for all indirect spend needs
    • Minimise financial exposure with built-in features and easy-to-use technology
    • Monitor and enforce spending policies using best-in-class technology

Drive Savings - Companies can reap savings and improve productivity by using American Express expense management solutions to:

    • Reduce the paperwork associated with purchasing and expense processing
    • Identify and maximise savings opportunities through consultative expertise
    • Achieve hard-dollar savings through exclusive programs
    • Consolidate spending data to optimise supplier negotiations

Benefit Employees - Companies can benefit employees by using American Express expense management solutions to:

    • Simplify expense management processes for employees
    • Safeguard employees through best-in-class services
    • Keep employees satisfied with industry-leading products and benefits

Manage Nationally - Companies can simplify program management by using American Express expense management solutions to:

    • Implement consistent tools, products, and servicing across all sites and locations
    • Access consolidated data to get a complete picture of total organisational spending
    • National servicing and account management

American Express GPC Solutions

American Express vPayment
The American Express vPayment solution is open to any merchant that accepts American Express and can key in an American Express Card number. It’s a solution that allows you to control payments to any supplier by limiting payment terms to a specific time period and a specific transaction amount, either exact or within the range you specify. The vPayment solution gives you greater control over your payments – you can pay what you’ve agreed when you’ve agreed to pay it and set a specific amount for each transaction – whether an exact value, within specific tolerances, or a transaction ceiling. Our supplier category and preferred supplier controls can be added to tighten the controls you can exert through your vPayment programme. The vPayment solution can be seamlessly integrated into your existing procurement system, and will be configured to meet your organisation’s needs.

GPC American Express Purchasing Solutions
The GPC American Express Purchasing Card offers the convenience of a Card for point of sale transactions, with enhanced data capture, providing full invoice data wherever it is available, dependent on the merchant capabilities.  The American Express Purchasing Account offers 100% full invoice data, with electronic evidence of VAT paid, for those organisations that require greater data capture and control.

GPC American Express Defined Expense Card
The GPC American Express Defined Expense Card is a procurement solution that allows your organisation to streamline its business expenditure. It also provides complete control over your cash flow because it has a fixed spending limit for a set time period. The Defined Expense Card allows you to monitor precisely how, when and where your employees spend. A fixed amount is assigned to the Card for a specific time period and this limit cannot be exceeded. This spending limit is not pre-loaded as cash onto the Card so, if the Card is lost, it can be replaced at no cost to your organisation. Defined Expense Card’s offers access to management tools that produce detailed customised reporting and provides you with increased visibility, a valuable insight into your organisation’s purchasing patterns. You also benefit from full invoice data and VAT evidence at line item detail suppliers.

GPC American Express Corporate Card
The GPC American Express Corporate Card offers an efficient and flexible way to organise, manage and pay for work-related expenses. Detailed reporting gives you a clear view of who’s spending what, where and why. Your programme administrator has the ability to implement various spend controls.  Corporate Card Efficiencies include reduced administration and increased control through a single payment method.  Reduction in monthly expense submissions and reduced administrative costs by processing invoices centrally. Management information reports are readily available online, through American Express @Work, whenever you need them, giving you a comprehensive, detailed view of how, when and where the Card is being used.

Strategic Account Management (SAM)
SAM comes delivered with over 140 standard reports, which can be exported in PDF, RTF, or Excel formats. Optionally use scheduling with email reminders to never get behind in your processes. Organise your accounts and users as you need – enabling roll-up reporting to your requirements and secure access for your users. Let them see what they need, and only what they need. All account holders – either corporate or individual – can see the detail behind a transaction, including the Merchant Category Code and the merchant reference number for the transaction.

GPC American Express Implementation
Our Business Solutions and Implementation teams have nearly 40 years’ experience helping organisations to seamlessly implement card programmes on both a local and global scale. Our experts are qualified with Prince 2 and Six Sigma methodology assessment and re-assessment, and will be with you at every step of the way. We can also provide you with launch communications to ensure that all your employees are not only informed, but on board. Our implementation process is designed to offer seamless integration and consists of the following phases:
1.Assessment Phase/ 2.Design & Build Phase/ 3.Launch Phase/ 4.Review Phase/ 5.Transition Phase

3. AdflexPayment Transaction Management Presentation & Workshop
Pat Bermingham and his experienced Purchasing Card industry team will demonstrate in their presentation and workshop why Adflex is the expert in the Purchasing Card industry and how it’s plain- speaking, knowledgeable team will understand all the issues and concerns a potential supplier may have.  It has always been a challenge to recruit suppliers, yet it is essential if you are to have a successful Purchasing Card program. There are several reasons why supplier recruitment often fails:
Lack of resource - Lack of incentive - Lack of information - Lack of knowledge.

Adflex have designed a range of tools that simplify the process for the supplier to make decisions and will support them and work with them to become Purchasing Card capable. There are also web-based tools available to give a full real-time overview to the cardholder organisation. Adflex experts will manage the relationship between the bank, the supplier and the customer – giving a really ‘joined up’ approach so that all parties are involved.  There are Purchasing Card products to meet the needs of the low usage supplier or the high volume suppliers. The way Adflex has developed its solutions requires little or no technical expertise, allowing quicker, easier and cheaper ways to become capable without the need for investment in time and resources.  With Adflex’s  PCI DSS accreditation, and its solutions that use ‘tokens’ or ‘lodge cards’ suppliers do not have to worry about keeping their customers card numbers safe, Adflex do it for them saving them the costs, time and effort required to comply with PCI DSS rules. Let Adflex help with your supplier recruitment - we know our business you know yours - together we can do the business.

4. BAE SystemsExpanding Card Programme & Supplier Recruitment
Presentation synopsis will appear here shortly

5. Cemex Card Payments Case Study
Presentation synopsis will appear here shortly

6. Search-Online-NowOnline Presentation/Demonstration
Making Connections between Buyers & Supplier

www.search-online-now.co.uk has been developed as a dedicated web based supplier directory providing Public & Private Sector organisations a web based solution to source Purchasing & Card Capable Suppliers at level’s one, two and level three card capability.  Profiles and promotes Card Capable supplier’s business activities, products & services to a wider Public & Private Sector audience assisting buying purchasing and contracting personnel to recruit specific UK Card Capable Suppliers.  Accessible to all buying purchasing and contracting personnel from Public & Private Sector organisations to search for Purchasing & Card Capable Suppliers currently listed on the database.  They simply login their valid email address and follow the easy to navigate search instructions.

7. Allpay Prepay & Pre-loaded Payment Card SolutionsPresentation
Modernise your payment methods and processes with a new cost-effective payment solution. Prepaid Cards from enable organisations to have more control over the distribution of their funds, moving away from costly cash, cheques & vouchers.
Presented by Peter Brownbill Head of Prepaid Card Sales

8. ArvalFuel Cards & Vehicle related Payment Methods Presentation
Presentation synopsis will appear here shortly

9. SAP & OracleIntegration & Consultancy - Presentation
Presentation synopsis will appear here shortly

Focus topics on this year’s agenda will include: -
 * Purchasing Card implementation and development
 * Online Transaction management solutions
 * Purchasing & Lodge Card integration with and SAP & Oracle
 * Online Catalogues
 * Broad and innovative payment propositions to the Public Sector
 * Pre-Paid and Pre-loaded Card Solutions.
 * Merchant Recruitment
 * Fuel Cards and other vehicle related payment methods
 * Internet B2B payments
 * e.Invoicing & OCR solutions

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Car Parking provided for attending delegates.

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